Monday, June 20, 2011

White Out

White Dress: H&M | Belt: diy and J.Crew | White heels: China

No...It is not Labor Day yet but I really like the look of an outfit that's all white with pops of color here and there.Ughhh. these heels were so uncomfortable there was no way I could've walked in them all day. I find this happening a lot with heels from China...not sure why, bad quality? 

It's ridiculous how hotels are booked months ahead for the holiday season, especially summer holidays. For those that plan one holiday at a time, it's really hard to plan for July 4th because Memorial Day is like a month before. Sad. 


  1. that don't make sense. i thought it's "after labor day you don't wear white nemore"

  2. Oh shoot! Thanks...haha. I got the saying wrong.

  3. thanks for the new template! i like it a lot!! also i really like this dress on you :)