Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Perfect Summer Getaway

Summer Getaway

Summer Getaway created by a-field-of-daisies on Polyvore

I would love to have this outfit for a summer weekend getaway to a lakeside perfect for strolling around town in the little boutique shops. I really like the minty green color of  the J.Crew dress and the material (silk chiffon) should keep you cool in the hot weather. Mmm, in terms of accessories, I am biased towards the color coral (if you haven't noticed, I wear my J.Crew coral belt more than any other accessory) and I love the pops of coral in this outfit (wallet, belt, nailpolish) against the softer colors in the rest of the outfit.

I love Marc Jacob's Daisy perfume ... the scent is very subtle and feminine, perfect for summer. I recommend getting the roller ball because it great for travel (mine fits in my wallet), and you can choose more precisely where you want it to go (unlike the perfume where a lot just goes in the air).

So far...I have five things from this set. Aviators, necklace, perfume, sun screen, and nail polish. Okay, so not really the pieces from the actual outfit. Almost there - 50%! 

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