Friday, June 17, 2011

DIY flower (chiffon + organza)

Organza Flower
 Follow these tutorial - Instead of making the flower pattern and then cutting the fabric like the tutorial, I first cut the organza fabric into circles (about 7 large ones and 4 smaller ones) and then just free handed the petals by making multiple cuts towards the center of the flower and then rounding out the edges later - make sure don't cut too much into the center! 

Chiffon Flower
These are very very similar to the J.Crew chiffon flower hair pins that I saw in the store the other day on sale for $5. I followed this tutorial 

So...J.Crew sells these for $5 even when it's on sale. Buying all the material (fabric, thread) cost me $5 and it's enough to make more than 4 flowers. 

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  1. WOOOW!!

    SOO pretty flower in orange and blue colour...

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