Monday, May 16, 2011

Put on some pants!

Saw this image on here. Hilarious...but Jeggings and leggings are so comfortable! They are probably one of the few bottoms that fit me...almost everything else is too loose at the thighs.

So I did some research on purchasing leggings that 0. are not see through 1. don't fade 2. no little balls stick on the fabric after you wash it. Apparently, leggings that are not made out of cotton should do the materials like rayon, nylon, spandex should all work. I got myself a pair this past weekend, hope these are better than the two pairs I got from Express before!


  1. My leggings that aren't made out of cotton get the occasional little pill on them after I either send them through the wash or wear them with something over them. But if you go to a fabric store and purchase a fabric comb you can get those little suckers off and all is well.

  2. That's a hilarious diagram.