Sunday, May 22, 2011

Polka dots and blue skies

Dress: China
Tee: J.Crew
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Banana Republic

I love polka dots! Almost as much as stripes. I got this baby blue and white polka dotted dress in China a couple years ago. This dress actually came with a super tight black and white striped belt, but I never wore it with this dress because it just doesn't look right. Hm...I really like how the blue appears slightly faded

The shoes from Banana Republic are probably my most comfortable flats - the leather is very soft and molds to the shape of the feet very well. I am so sad that it is starting to fall apart (if you look closely at the shoe on the right, towards the of the woven leather piece broke). I abused these flats too much, tripping a lot...I thought there would eventually be a hole in the front - guess not.

Purchased a bunch of things from Origins today. My skin is terrible these days and I think it's caused by the sample foundation that the people at M.A.C gave me. Since my current face wash is drying my face out and the Moisture Surge from Clinique isn't helping (it used to be so good!) I decided I need a whole new skincare line...Got the Foaming Face Wash (80% organics), Have a Nice Day moisturizer (it smells really good!), Stay Tuned foundation and Quick, Hide! concealer. I love the quirky names Origins has for their products, so cute! Tried the face wash tonight, it is actually not that foamy, at all. I like the foam because it makes me feel like I am actually cleaning my face, and I find that with cleansers that don't foam, my face still feels oily. However...with this one, even though it is not as foamy as...The Perfect World from Origins, it cleans pretty well. Hopefully this skincare line will work well for me.

Foaming Face WashHave a Nice Day™Stay Tuned™Quick, Hide™!

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