Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caribbean Blue

Heavy on the photos this time. Dress: Victoria's Secret | Cardigan, Belt: J.Crew | Shoes: Martin and Osa

Tulips are so pretty! I really want to re-visit Holland, Michigan someday when the tulips are blooming (which is mid-May), guess I will have to wait until next year since I don't think I am going anytime soon. My legs are so dry -.- Blech.

This outfit was inspired by Kristine. Or Polly's post on "How to Wear Ruffles". I tried #5, buttoning and belting a ruffled cardigan at the waist. I don't think my pictures turned out so was quite windy and the ruffles did not cooperate with me and lay the way I wanted. Oh well.

The dress was a birthday gift. I love love love the blue color - it reminds me of the time when I was in Cancun, Mexico...the brilliant blue color of the ocean was surreal. Gorgeous. 

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