Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Week 1] Recap

Week 1 of 30 for 30...not bad :) It was hard to think up of outfits at times, especially with lack of sleep + the dramatic weather change throughout the day.

I think my favorite outfit of the week is...Day 4. I love love love the blue cardigan from Martin&Osa. I wear it too much. Although this outfit looks okay in the photo, I definitely felt self-conscious when I was walking around campus - a blue smurf, in leopard printed flats. Yep.

Now...picking out my favorite from Clare's week 1.

Winner: Day 3!
I really like this outfit because it is so feminine, especially with the sequins. Good job jcrew. I love the colors. soft peachy pink + pretty. the picture does not do it justice. Plus - she wore it on a rainy day, so she gets bonus points. 

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