Friday, September 24, 2010

09.24.10 | friday

No outfit picture today :( But here are some photos I took throughout the day.

1. Lunch I made for myself - it was yummy
2. $1 sunflower plant from Target!! I "planted" it a weekish ago? I'm so happy that it didn't die  - I was never able to keep any plant alive...because I usually forget to water them but this one doesnt seem to need to be watered everyday, so that's good. I need to get bigger pot + soil to transfer it.
3. A pen I've had since elementary school...? It is scented :) If you can't tell, I had to tape the middle shut because it is broken.
4. Dinner - spicy pho. almost as good as my lunch. lol.

I have a thing for noodles.

P.S. I need to get moisturizer. I hope Sephora will have the Clinique Moisture Surge as a Skincare Challenge reward sooooon. Ugh. Should've gotten it when they had it. -.-

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