Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I went to farmer's market with my friend. We both woke up late but still made it to the market before brunch time. It was my first time going to farmer's market even though I've lived in Ann Arbor for 10 years. Crazy, huh.

It definitely felt like fall today: the temperature, color of the leaves. I love it. The air was so fresh and crisp.
I bought two stems of sunflower. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY! My friend told me I totally acted like a 10 year old when I got the flowers. lol. I love the sunflower's color palette. We were walking around carrying the flowers and almost everyone who saw us smiled. How can you not, right? I wanted to buy the tomatoes that were in the little red baskets (see above), but I just wanted the basket itself, not the content. Because the tomatoes will probably go bad before I even begin to eat them. The woman would not sell me the basket though :( She even said the basket was worth more than the tomato.
We had lunch at Sparrow Market. I got the ABLT (Okay, they totally lied on the menu. I thought avocado was going to be actual slices of avocado...but no, it's just a spread :( )
I also bought a bottle of EVVO seasoned with fresh basil. I am going to make some delicious pasta with that later. :) So excited.

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