Sunday, July 24, 2011

Terra Cotta

Shirt: AE ($2.5)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters ($5)
Necklace: J.Crew ($12.5)
Hat: H&M ($12.5)
Shoes: Aldo (not in picture $25)

didn't have time to take decent pictures today so here's a quick one from ipod touch. i like ann arbor's annual art fair for only one reason: urban outfitters' sale. every year, they have a lot of their clothes on sale for $5-$15. i never buy their clothes full price because it's really not worth it for the quality and price...but $5 for a skirt or dress? i'm sold. this year i got this skirt and a knit dress for the fall/winter. i usually don't buy clothes in the orange palette because it doesn't suit my skin tone. however, after trying on this skirt, i decided that a burnt orange like this 'terra cotta' color is okay. :) besides the sale, i really dislike the art fair...esp how all the main streets on campus are blocked off and  expensive parking fee. blech. 

i am not a hat person and this is probably the only hat i have (actually, i lied. i bought one years ago but i never wore it in public so it doesn't count). this one from h&m is a nice one for the summer - goes well with any outfit - especially white tee + denim shorts + small crossbody bag. 

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